My Clydesdale Adventure in the UK

I happen to be in England visiting my parents currently, and the other day I had the AMAZING privilege to ride a Clydesdale in the Lake District!


His name was Sparky and he was an absolute sweetheart! My tour guide’s horse, Ben, who was only 6 years old, was incredibly sweet as well, but much more of a handful than Sparky. Ben would get excited and start hoping around, while Sparky just stood there watching Ben be a nut. Sparky took extremely good care of me, as this was my first time riding a horse bigger than 15.3 hands (Sparky was at least 16.5 hands high!) as well as my first time riding in an English saddle. The saddle did not prove to be to difficult to master, however Sparky’s canter to trot transition was quite bumpy and there were definitely a couple occurrences where I almost bounced off the side. Thankfully Sparky didn’t seem to mind if i grabbed his mane to steady myself a bit.


A picture of my guide, Polly, her mount, Ben, and Sparky an I heading out on our adventure.

The farm that puts on these Heavy Horse rides, also has about 600 head of sheep scattered throughout the fields we rode through.


The weather even cooperated, and allowed the sun to shine for most of this adventure. It was not sunny at the beginning of the ride, and when the sun peaked out Polly said “Quick, give me your phone so I can get a picture of you so you can show people that it isn’t always dreary in England!” We had a great time!