‘Plastic Bags Kill’

This ad hits home for us. On our farm we have had quite a problem with plastic bags killing our goats. Plus, it is a very ingenious idea, to use the killing thing to bring awareness to the killing.

People think goats can eat anything, and they’re relatively right. Goats can eat the leaves of a rhubarb plant, which are said to be very poisonous; extremely moldy bread, that really colorful stuff; as well as the bark off trees and the wood off the barn.

Their digestive systems are amazing. Goats have 4 stomachs. Unlike any other animal if a goat eats a seed, that seed is not coming out the back to grow up into a new plant. That seed has been 100% completely digested, there’s nothing left.  However, when they eat plastic bags they can’t digest them. The bag gets lodged in their digestive track and starts inhibiting their ability to digest their food and get the nutrients they need.

Goats are very hardy and do not show signs of sickness until it’s too late. All of a sudden we have a goat that is no more. The first time, we didn’t know what happened. The second time we did an autopsy. And there it was, the nasty plastic bag.

We had to go back and do an autopsy on the first goat to see if it was the same. Again, just one little plastic bag did it in.

Goats are not the only animal that plastic bags kill, we have had cattle die from eating plastic bags as well. The focus of the add is actually on wildlife (sea turtles and ducks) but that doesn’t change the fact that if we stopped using plastic bags, it would save many, many animals lives. It doesn’t matter if they are wild or domestic